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2021/2020 Images

About Intergalactic Gypsies.

Suppose that some beings many light years away had figured out how to manipulate "Quantum Weirdness".

"The so-called EPR paradox, named for Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen, supplies an even stranger example of quantum weirdness, in which two subatomic particles thousands of light-years apart can instantaneously respond to each other's motions. Scientists have observed this phenomenon, called entanglement, at the particle level, and in 2009, managed to produce the effect with linked superconductors [source: Sanders]. We're potentially looking at faster-than-light signaling that turns relativity on its head."

Suppose that the Intergalactic Gypsies were curiously about the rest of the universe and figured out how to make their "Gypsy Vardos" spontaneously appear. For camouflage, these Vardos first perceived (saw?) the shapes around them and then assumed those shapes. If they appeared in a bakery, they might assume the look of cakes.

If they appeared next to a cathedral, they might borrow the shape of the turrets.

Also, the Intergalactic Gypsies have a sense of humor, they like things to be preposterous.

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