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Daina Krumins     Artist/Filmmaker/Writer

Summer Light

My way of seeing the world, or of re-assembling it in my mind, is unconventional. My main preoccupation as an artist, and to some extent as a person, has always been based on texture. Texture is such a small consideration for most people, to say that my visual world-view is based on a relationship with textures is almost like saying that the most important thing about a piece of writing is the number of punctuation marks. It seems silly. 


And yet, I believe it as a valid a way of looking at the world as any other way. But I wonder why repetitions have so much meaning for me. One possibility that has occurred to me is that perhaps my mind is more primitive in some ways, and that my obsessions and fixations have something to do with evolution. How to explain? OK. If a bird flies between two blueberry bushes and one bush has lots of berries and one has only a few berries, how does it know where to go? The same with a monkey looking at banana trees, or perhaps even a billionaire considering his various bank accounts.


"Summer Light" comes from my texture-driven, non-neurotypical way of finding delight and meaning. It's not verbal meaning, All I say in words is that it does, in fact, have meaning. In a way, it is my world. 

SUMMER LIGHT has won several film and video awards.

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